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CAMN Installs Interpretive Plaques at Pinnacle Mountain Print
Central Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Bill Toland   



Interpretative plaques are being installed on the West Summit Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Metal post, plaques, cement, water, and tools needed to be carried up the steep trails to get some of these plaques in place. Did I mention 92 humid degrees ? Erin Schoen, Dave Schroeder, Bert Turner, and Bill Toland got the process started with the first two of four being installed.

The final two ( at the top!) will be installed next. Trail markers will also be repaired and blazes freshened up. Thousands of people hike up this trail annually to see the 360 degree panoramic view of central Arkansas. The interpretative information supplied should make the hike more worthwhile and gives you an excuse to stop and catch your breath while you are reading it. This project was initiated by Maryanne Stansbury , former Interpreter at PMSP



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Advanced Training and Volunteering at Terre Noire Print
Central Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Sherry Sanchez   



Saturday, August 23, 2014


It was a hot and muggy day at Terre Noire where CAMN and DLAMN members had advance training and volunteer work. Terre Noire Preserve and Natural Area is one of the highest-quality blackland prairies and woodland complexes in the state, located in the Coastal Plains just outside of Arkadelphia. These prairie grasslands have nearly 400 different species of plants and wildflowers.  Among the many tall grasses we saw: Grease Grass, Beggar’s Lice weed, Persimmon, Cross Vine, Stink Weed, Hairy hawkweed, Beauty Berry, just to name a few. Because this area used to be under water 150 million years ago we also saw shell fossils and remnants of the shell beds. This scenery is going to change again in a few weeks and it would be nice to see the different blooms.


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