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Central Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Written by Bill Toland   

On Jan 29, 2014, 19 members of the Central Arkansas AMN chapter took on the cleanup of the first three hundred yards of the 1.8 mile Rock Creek Trail. Scotty Scholl had adopted this trail and keeps the trail in excellent shape. However there is an apartment complex next to the green space next to the trail head whose dumpsters overflow and the wind carries the debris into "our" park. The crew picked up 97 thirty- gallon bags of trash plus the debris that couldn't be bagged like tires. There is still some debris to pick up but we ran out of bags and some debris was frozen to the ground. Keep Little Rock Beautiful furnished most of the bags and Little Rock Parks and Rec picked up the collected debris.

The green space was a hillside made for mountain goats which made our task more daunting. Quite a workout!!  Everyone particularly liked picking up frozen used diapers tossed into the park by some apartment dwellers. 

The following CAMN people took part in the cleanup: Carlee Adams, Katherine Becker, Nancy Deckard, Jim DeVries, Elaine Henderson, Fritz Kahley, Frank Meeks, John Mize, Frank Otto, Linda Parsons, Cathy Porter, DeDe Rhodes, Deb Sanderson, Erin Schoen, Scotty Scholl, Larry Stobaugh, Bill Toland, and Athina Wildkerson and her two sons.


This situation is what makes you proud to be an AMN. This task did make a big difference for all the trail users. A pristine view is better than looking at a dump any day

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CAMN Volunteers at the Hillary Clinton Children's Library Print
Central Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Nancy Deckard   

CAMN has formed a new partnership with the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children's Library and a whopping 20 volunteers showed up on our first workday there, Nov. 16! It helped that the weather was perfect - rain that had threatened to ruin the day held off and the cloud cover made the temperature perfect for hard work among the beautiful fall colors.   The grounds of the library are large and include a wetlands feature, as well as a greenhouse and vegetable garden.  The grounds serve as an educational background for the children who visit the library.  One program has the children involved in the growing of the food, which they harvest and then take to the library's teaching kitchen.  They can then participate in preparing and eating the food!  Some of our volunteers weeded the garden and many others tidied the grounds - raking up bags of leaves.

Pink Glove Volunteers

Another group set about identifying the trees on the grounds.  Joe Wankum came out prior to the work day, mapping each tree so that the team of experts could id each of them.

Tree ID team


Another group of workers cleaned up around the water features, pulling out unwanted plants and ungirdling some small trees.  Too bad there wasn't a prize for the biggest weed!


For more pictures:  http://home.arkansasmasternaturalists.org/index.php?option=com_joomgallery&Itemid=50The Biggest Weed

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