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River Valley Arkansas Master Naturalists
Written by Phil Wanzer   

The day of Fall Fest in Russellville 10-25-14 finally arrived. This festival has always been a favorite of mine for several years. It was a chilly morning. I got to the site in Lowes Auto Parts parking lot, our number was 106 and it was still dark. I quickly unloaded our canopy tent, as it needed to go up first. Fellow members donated the tent to our group. This was to be my first time putting it up. I got the framework expanded as much as I could alone and just when I realized I needed help it arrived. We quickly got it up in the air and secured. We then unloaded my truck and set up the booth.

In the early days of planning this event, I worried that I’d be doing it alone. My fears had no foundation as my heart was brightened by the several that showed up to help. During the day we talked, talked and talked some more to the multitudes that were streaming by. While we didn't get anyone to sign on the dotted line we did plant many seeds. This was the start of our membership drive. We met many good people and some of that really stood out as special. One man who was visiting the state was from Fort Collins, Colorado. It was like he stepped out of a novel. He was dressed as a naturalist from head to toe. He told us of the trail work they do, on horseback or foot travel they have, I think he said 500 miles of trails in the area. I saw some old friends during the day and made some new ones. We made connections with a scout leader, high school science teacher and a Game and Fish fellow.

I had plenty of help that day right up to the tearing down and packing away. Hopefully some of the many we met will contact us soon. This was our first booth, does this make up boothers? You know someone who booths. It was another grand event that will go down in our history.


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